Liquid Castile Soap

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Product Overview

Finding premium soaps with the right ingredients is a constant struggle. However, finding a high-quality company that you can trust is half the battle. Explore our premium castile soap with CBD. 


  • Synthetic Preservative-Free
  • Versatile Soap
  • Biodegradable 
  • Appropriate for face, body, hair, and food

Castile soap is one of the most popular stayholds from human tradition. It’s been a popular component of bathing and cleaning for years and that’s because it’s an exceptional and simple form of soap. It doesn’t disappoint, as it’s safe for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, which means it can be used by anyone anywhere. Add in the premium CBD we use in all of our CBD bath products, and you’re in for an all-natural, time-tested bottle of soap that you can’t go wrong with. 


  • 16 oz
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Third-party tested to ensure efficacy & safety


  • Water
  • Potassium Oleate
  • Potassium Cocoate
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Glycerin
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Citric Acid


(No reviews yet) Write a Review