​What is the actual cost of your CBD product?

Oct 19th 2020

​What is the actual cost of your CBD product?

Calculating the price per milligram for a CBD product allows you to compare how much you will spend per milligram of CBD. You will need two pieces of information:

  1. The total CBD content in the product
  2. The price of a product

With these two numbers in hand, simply divide the price by the total CBD content of a given product:

Product Price / CBD Content in MG = Price Per Milligram of CBD Content

For example, let's use our 1000mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, which sells for $39.99. Using the price per mg equation, we calculate the following:

$39.99 / 1,000 mg = $0.04 per mg of CBD content

Use this simple equation in your search for CBD products, comparing the price per milligram of CBD of the products you're considering.

Competitors Price of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extracts

Charlotte’s Web $119.99 / 1,500 mg = $0.08 per mg of CBD content

Pure Kanna $139.00 / 1,000 mg = $0.14 per mg of CBD content

Green Roads $149.99 / 1,500 mg = $0.10 per mg of CBD content

HempWorx $199.99 / 1,500 mg = $0.13 per mg of CBD content

Look for additional savings

Be on the lookout for other deals you can apply to your order to help reduce the price you'll pay for CBD. Companies often offer discounts for new and existing customers that can help you save money.

Many companies offer first-time buyer discounts, programs for repeat or military/veteran/front-line members, and bulk discounts. For example, here at Green Ridge Biosolutions, we offer a 1st-time value by subscribing to our email list.

You can get the same high quality without breaking the bank.

At Green Ridge Biosolutions, we believe in the overall health of our planet and our fellow man. We believe that hemp contributes to our planet's health and our well-being. This drives our focus on products created by a team of sustainably driven farmers, engineers, chemists, and health professionals. We partner with licensed Montana farmers. We, under no circumstances, import any hemp or hemp derivatives from countries outside of North America. Our research and development team develops and tests hemp-based products while providing innovative, natural solutions to our customers and partners. Our business practices support family farms. We assist in the entire process from seed to harvest, ensuring our supply's integrity and purity.

We strive to be a leader in the hemp products industry by creating transparency while providing hemp-derived products at an affordable price, without compromising quality.