CBD in your Bedroom….

Aug 30th 2020

CBD in your Bedroom….

CBD in your Bedroom….

In the past decade the stigma surrounding all things cannabis has begun to change. With the legalization of hemp and Cannabidiol (aka CBD), that stigma is finally shifting to a therapeutic, holistic, and even alternative approach to health and wellness. That’s because hemp extract and CBD is known to reduce inflammation and improve overall health. Because CBD is so successfully therapeutic, big chain stores, online suppliers, and of course mom and pop shops are all jumping on the CBD bandwagon.

Not only do multiple studies suggest that CBD holds tremendous therapeutic value, but anecdotal evidence also supports these health benefits.

Can CBD oil improve your sex life and sex drive?

CBD is a compound that naturally exists within the cannabis Sativa plant. This includes the strains of hemp and marijuana. Unlike THC, which is predominantly found in marijuana, CBD is completely non-psychoactive, so it won’t get you “high”.

Our bodies have a Endocannabinoid System (a system that helps maintain normal health and wellbeing within the human body). When CBD is consumed, the tiny receptor cells found all throughout the body are either influenced or stimulated to balance out how our body functions. This includes bringing your sex drive back to normal. So how does CBD help improve your libido? Let’s look at a few studies and the benefits of CBD.

CBD oil sex benefits

Inflammation can be the cause of several health problems, including chronic pain. If you're in constant pain, then your sex drive may not be at its prime. Amazingly, multiple studies have shown that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. If you’ve noticed that you’re battling from pain and chronic inflammation, CBD oil may be a huge help in relieving these unwanted symptoms—thus potentially improving your overall health and sex drive.

Anxiety is often an underlying cause of hormone issues, and it may even affect libido. Fortunately, it’s also been shown that CBD reduces anxiety. Taking a few drops of CBD oil, or even applying CBD lubrication, could potentially help reduce the anxiety you may get with intercourse.

Other studies show that cannabinoids like CBD and THC can boost sexual performance and even enhance ejaculatory function.

It’s also been shown through studies that CBD can reduce blood pressure and increase overall blood flow. So it has been theoretically suggested that CBD could improve the blood flow from blood vessels that hinder the penis from an erection, otherwise known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Still, more studies are desperately needed regarding ED.

As for the ladies, poor lubrication can be a huge mood killer in the bedroom. According to one study, topical CBD was shown to have tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers and even CBD advocates theorize that topical CBD creams and even CBD lubricants, with their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties, could help women have sex much more comfortably and enjoyably.

The best CBD products for the bedroom

The products you see sold across America are, for the most part, hemp-derived. Looking for products that say “hemp extract” or “hemp-derived” are the products you want to consume. This doesn’t mean THC is 100% bad; it just means you only need a small amount of THC to enhance the therapeutic value of CBD.

That said, here are a few CBD products that can be great for helping to bring back your libido:

CBD Lubricant

CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD Moisturizing Cream