How a Skeptic Found Green Ridge Biosolutions

Dec 1st 2020

Finding a CBD brand that suits your needs is almost as difficult as finding a single clothing brand that does the same. There is no one size fits all, regardless of what the beanie hats on Amazon insist, and there is certainly no hemp oil that fits all. At least, there wasn’t, until I found Green Ridge Biosolutions. And in today’s climate, we all need a little more hemp in our lives, especially when dealing with the sort of stress and anxiety that has been the theme of this year.

Like a Halloween themed birthday party, this year has been a lot of scares, but it’s mostly been disappointing. And, since we’re not the Great Generation that survived World Wars I and II, as well as the Spanish flu pandemic and the Great Depression, we’re not built for this sort of thing. Bearing that in mind, I started searching for relief throughout a variety of different avenues, just like everyone else attempting to survive this turmoil-soaked period of time. That’s how I stumbled upon Green Ridge Biosolutions.

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather tired of the green-washing of brands that scatter themselves across Instagram, looking for kudos and to play your emotional heartstrings. Green Biosolutions doesn’t do that because they don’t need to. They’re a local brand, based right here in Montana. They grow their own hemp and they distill it into the hemp extract they put on their shelves. They don’t need to brag about being greener than the rest because they’re already a pillar in the community creating jobs and a product that’s designed to help us cope with our day-to-day.

If you’re hesitant, I understand. Like any supplement or vitamin, there’s a load of people singing the praises of hemp oil and its presence in your diet. Just like with supplements and health nut trends, those folks seem to be drinking some sort of kool aid. So, imagine my own surprise when I found that the frenzy around CBD extract isn’t just pure hype. CBD extract doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t give you any kind of hangover and it doesn’t even give you real withdrawal symptoms. You’ll notice the absence of hemp in your diet simply by your mood changes and your general daily wellbeing.

Like so many others, I tried Green Ridge Biosolutions on a whim. I’d tried plenty of other mood lifters and techniques for keeping early seasonal depression at bay throughout this pandemic, why not give this a shot? Though there’s a slow start and figuring the dosage isn’t always the most straightforward thing, it’s helped me cope in ways I couldn’t have expected.

The bottom line is that I can let stress roll off my shoulders once more. I can more easily keep things in perspective. I’m not so distracted by little things. In short, I feel more present and alert than I have all year.

If you’re struggling to create coping mechanisms of your own for what has simply been a global catastrophe and has changed everyone’s lives, it might be worth a shot. I can’t say that it’ll work for you the way it worked for me. But, I can say that my experience, and the experience of other CBD fans, isn’t a ruse.

Besides, what do you have to lose from trying it?

Give Green Ridge Biosolutions, a company that supports the Montana and United States community with locally grown and crafted CBD extract, a shot. Personally, I recommend starting off with a 1000mg tincture. It makes it easy to incorporate your dose into your morning shake, or even your Holiday cookies. I sincerely hope you find the same relief that it’s given me.