About Us


We strive to be a leader in the hemp products industry by creating transparency, while providing hemp derived products at an affordable price, without compromising quality.  

Natural Solutions

At Green Ridge Biosolutions, we believe in the overall health of our planet and our fellow man. We believe that hemp contributes to our planet’s health and our well-being. This drives our focus on products that are created by a team of sustainably driven farmers, engineers, chemists, and health professionals. We partner with licensed Montana farmers. We, under no circumstances, import any hemp or hemp derivatives from countries outside of North America. Our research and development team develops and tests hemp-based products while providing innovative, natural solutions to our customers and partners. Our business practices support family farms. We provide assistance for the entire process from seed to harvest; ensuring the integrity and purity of our supply.

We strive to be a leader in the hemp products industry by creating transparency, while providing hemp derived products at an affordable price, without compromising quality.


We are licensed by the Montana Department of Agriculture as a: Commodity Dealer, Commodity Warehouse, Hemp Producer, and a Hemp Processor. We are bonded and carry product liability insurance.

Our Team

Gary Trippel


Gary has worked extensively with private sector firms and government departments covering all aspects of business development for the past 30 years. His strength is garnering funding and financing for startups and major companies involved in applied research, commercialization and business expansion. His main interest is value added agriculture and green energy systems. Green Ridge’s long-term strategy of crop diversification, innovation in value added agriculture and business growth fit well with these skill sets. He holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture and a Masters Degree in Environmental Design (M.E. Des.)

Ray Abry


Ray has been Sr. Technical Specialist with over 40 years of oil and gas, biological, petrochemical, nuclear, technical and managerial experience. Consistent record of achievement through assignments in basic research, technical services and development, engineering, sales, marketing and business development. B.Sc. Chemistry (Majors), University of Victoria, 1976 Secondary; Teaching Diploma, University of Victoria, 1977; Geological Certificate, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 1983; Professional Chemist - Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta; Member: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) & American Chemical Society. Ray holds several patents and instrumental in IP, extraction design, and process structuring for Green Ridge.

Jessica Wood

Operations Manager

Jessica comes to Green Ridge with 11+ years as a QC Analytical Chemist in the nutraceutical industry.

As the Operations Manager for Green Ridge, Jessica is responsible for all production and operations in our facility in Ronan, Mt.

Jessica holds a B.S. in Chemistry and a Master's in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Montana.


Jake Hastig

Office/Retail Manager

Jake discovered Green ridge's product line in 2019. After trying our product he knew he wanted to be a part of our team. Since starting in the fall of 2019, Jake has become a resource for information for our customer base.

An loving animal parent, Jake give his three dogs, Rama, Anni, and Whip, CBD on a daily basis. The best part of Jake's day is hearing how Green Ridge's pet products have helped our customer's furry loved ones.